Start Live "Music x Art"



Time: October 01, 2022 16:00-19:00

Venue: Koza Music Town 1F Music Square

Satrt LIVE〜Music x Arts〜Okinawa Music Month2022

【Special LIVE Performances】

Young Okinawan musicians will perform on stage.

  • Performers: Masashi Ishihara, Mami Tafuku, Ryuty, Kai-Tone, Tachako (feat. naru)
  • MC:Mim Ansato

【LIVE painting】

On the other side of the stage, young artists from Okinawa will perform live painting.

  • Yuya Hisada, Fingerpainter Yukako, Namihira Works.

Performing Artists

Masashi Ishihara

Date of birth: August 6, 2004 Leo
Birthplace: Okinawa City
Blood type: B
July, 2008 Okinawa Prefecture Popular Music Festival, Okinawa Governor's Prize
November, 2008 Grand Champion, 19th National Longitudinal Song Festival National Competition
Participated in "U-18 Utauma Koshien Newcomer Championship" of THE KARAOKE★Battle broadcast in February, 1991.
NHK's "Nodo Jiman" (singing contest) broadcast in September 2028, Yomitan Village, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.
Debuted on March 10, 2020 from S-Pro Records.

Masashi Ishihara (Okinawa Music Month 2020)


Rapper "Kai-Tone" (20) Nishihara-cho. He is no stranger to the industry, having won many high school rap battle competitions in Okinawa Prefecture. He will graduate from Nishihara High School next spring, and he aims to release a CD while still in high school, expressing his thoughts and feelings in his daily life through his songs. She has also taken an interest in the base issue, saying, "It is not right to reclaim the Henoko Sea without asking Okinawa's opinion. As an Okinawan, I would like to sing about Okinawa someday," she says, and her dream is to "change people's awareness through music.
 Influenced by his music-loving father, he grew up in a household where he was exposed to many songs from an early age. When he was in his second year of junior high school, he saw a video of the popular rapper Zeebra and yearned to try his hand at it. Just one week later, he challenged himself to a high school rap battle competition held in the prefecture.

Kai-Tone (Okinawa Music Month 2020)


Tropical Rapper x Liver Tachako lives in Okinawa, Japan. Versatile artist who can sometimes sing in a high-tone voice and improvise raps Live streaming is also available daily. Her original song "Garakae no Uta" has over 10,000 views on YouTube, and she has 1,200 YouTube subscribers.

music Month 2020)


The No. 1 musician I want to see when I come to Okinawa! A two-piece Okinawan POPS unit consisting of "Takemi Terukina," a singer and sanshin player, and Satoshi Higa, a guitarist. The Okinawan sounds, melodies and lyrics are addictive! They were named Ryuty because of their "Ryukyu taste" music. Their fun and friendly music is very popular as commercial songs!

Ryuty(Okinawa Music Month 2022)

Tafuku Mami

Born in 1997 in Ishigaki Island, Yaeyama Islands. He was a member of the local performing arts club for six years in junior high and high school, where he was in charge of dancing. In December 2017, she won the NHK Nodo Jaw Pride competition and participated in the Grand Champion competition the following year. She is a young singer who attracts many people with her clear and clear voice.

Tafuku Mami(Okinawa Music Month 2022)